We develop the realistic plans you need to form the foundations of your safety management system.

WH&S Consulting

At SGC Safety it’s our belief that health and safety consulting is about listening to you – the client – and evaluating the options that work for your organisation, not just a pre-packaged solution. Our consulting staff have a wide background in numerous areas such as policy and procedure development, occupational hygiene, emergency response, emergency management, injury rehabilitation and workplace well-being.

PPE Fit Testing

We provide Quantitative Fit testing of both respirators and ear protection, which is becoming increasingly mandatory across work sites and industries throughout Australia. Providing workers with PPE without ensuring they have correct protection could leave employers open to future litigation, and Australian standards now call for a Respiratory Protection Program (of which Fit testing is an important part).

Portable Fire Equipment Inspections

Our qualified technicians will inspect all your portable fire equipment including extinguishers, blankets and fire hoses to the relevant Australian Standard. SGC Safety fire safety inspectors shall appropriately tag your equipment and provide you with a “Fire Equipment Register”. SGC Safety can also offer replacement equipment as required.

Working at Heights Equipment Inspections

Australian Standards state that periodic inspections on height safety equipment must be carried out by a height safety equipment inspector. SGC Safety height safety inspectors shall appropriately tag your equipment and provide you with a “Heights Safety Register”. Any equipment found to be non-compliant, will be┬ádisposed of in consultation.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Many workplaces are now adopting strict drug and alcohol policies to ensure maximum safety in the workplace. SGC Safety offers on-site and confidential Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing services, as well as aiding clients in generating customised policy procedures. We can also help tailor new testing policies and procedures for your own workplace.

Audiology Testing

Under Australian legislation Audiometric Testing must be provided to workers within 3 months of employment and at least every two years thereafter if frequently exposed to noise above the exposure standard. SGC Safety provides comfortable, safe and painless Audiology Testing either at our offices or your own workplace. Contact us for further details.

Environmental Consulting

SGC Safety can assist you with evaluating your requirements for complying with environmental laws or EPA direction. We can offer:

  • Advice on best practice for minimal impact on the environment;
  • Base level water and soil sampling;
  • Runoff management (sediment, chemical or hydrocarbon) and monitoring;
  • Water monitoring;
  • Environmental airborne contaminant monitoring;
  • SGC Safety consultants have significant experience working with and around drill rigs, selecting; the correct rig for the job, and contract management;
  • Environmental management planning, project environmental requirements or ongoing monitoring; and
  • Environmental impact statements.