SGC Safety offers a comprehensive range of professional safety products and services.


Whether you’ve got a small residential property or large commercial premises, we can help manage your asbestos needs.


We use our real-world experience to deliver comprehensive and relevant training packages.


Our consultants don’t just monitor and provide you with results, we pride ourselves on offering solutions and education to your work force.


We develop the realistic plans you need to form the foundations of your safety management system.

Cultural Change

Positive cultural change is fundamental to maintaining a safe workplace.

Stop The Bleed

SGC Safety has developed training in tactical first aid using the Stop The Bleed program that provides you with the skills needed to combat preventable causes of traumatic death.

Mass Casualty Scenarios

We plan and coordinate highly realistic mass casualty scenarios for a range of work environments.


Distributing quality health and safety hardware, backed by our complete and reliable after-sales service.