Whether you've got a small residential property or large commercial premises, we can help manage your asbestos needs.

Asbestos Identification

Do you suspect that some materials in your home or workplace may contain asbestos? SGC Safety operate a modern NATA accredited testing facility at our Hobart office. Sampling and laboratory analysis is the only way to conclusively detect the presence of asbestos. We are able to test all materials, offer a same-day results service and can even accept samples outside of regular office hours.

Asbestos Registers

Were any of your workplace buildings built before 31st December 2003? If so, you are required to have a current asbestos register and related management plan. SGC Safety can explain all of your legal requirements and help you to become compliant.

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring for asbestos is performed to ensure that the area is safe for human occupation. SGC Safety can conduct independent NATA accredited air monitoring during and after asbestos removal tasks to ensure the area is not contaminated and is fit for use.

Visual Clearances

SGC Safety can conduct independent visual inspections following asbestos removal tasks to ensure all asbestos containing materials have been removed from the site. We also ensure the area is not contaminated and is fit for occupation.

Asbestos Free Tasmania

SGC Safety are proud to be affiliated with the Asbestos Free Tasmania Foundation. For further information about the Foundation and their services, please visit their website.